Don’t run away from your problems


Don't run away from your problems

For every problem there is equivalent solution.

Being Brave and Facing it with Optimism is the First and Greatest STEP to SUCCESS. Don’t give up!!

You can’t run from your problems, get around, under or over them. You have to face them and go through them to move on in life. Deal wit it! ~ Tammy Mullins

Sometimes closing the door and moving on from things that can not or will not change is more important to holding on and trying to repair or confront. The last time I “confronted” my problems it ended in disaster and honestly it would have been better to walk away, not run, just say goodbye and wish them the best. ~ Jessica Leigh

It takes wisdom and knowledge and skill to live in the wilderness. Can you do it? If you think it’s so easy, give it a try sometime, you will be humbled how little you actually know about the created world. Truly wise people know how to live in the wilderness and off the land, are they running away from their problems? ~ John Walton

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