it costs $0.00 to be a decent person


it costs $0.00 to be a decent person

Decency cost a lot of patience, acceptance, bearing, self esteem, all that is in you that you never knew it was there. ~ Kausar Sadiq

Years of hard work and lots of contemplation and will is needed to be a decent person in this dog eat dog world. Some are blessed with great surroundings, good parents raising them and financially stable homes filled with love and care. This can be at times easy or else lots of commitment to oneself and self inquiry is needed to be a decent person. It’s a conscious choice one makes. There are not very many out there really. If you think someone is decent in little acquaintance, give it a test and you will see the real decency in them! ~ Nikhil Mehta 

It costs lot of patience and intelligent to be a decent person. Fools react while as decent people use their wisdom to be patient or walk away. ~ Samiya Drabu 

Not only does it cost zero dollars to be a good person, it pays premium benefits of peace, love and most of all freedom to enjoy this world without the chains of hatred, fear and resentments. ~ Jim Long 

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