It’s hard to rebuild the trust that has been destroyed


It's hard to rebuild the trust that has been destroyed

The people that I have loved, trusted & given my whole heart to have used me, lied & broken me, not worth my time. ~ Jennie Foust 

I had a best friend, of 20 years and I loved her, respected, cared for her and she just used me and she was very disrespectful and it ended last year and there is too much damage and can’t be repaired and she truly didn’t respect, care and love me. The friendship was more of a working friendship, then being real. I was just her taxi service and ATM machine. ~ Sharon Diedrich 

My ex husband nearly destroyed me and our daughter with his cheating and the way we found out and the way he left us in pieces. It took a long time to pick ourselves up and make a new life but we did, but rebuilding trust and wanting to put yourself out there again is a whole different thing. It is a very personal thing, we all are different and you will know when the time is right for you. You won’t be able to really feel again till you are totally healed. ~ Leslie Miscione 

Sometimes it is impossible when they have proven over and over again they can’t be trusted.

These individuals that have caused pain to others, I am sure live in their own misery. The problem is the ones they have scared have such a hard time recovering from their selfless acts. I am one of those people, and can only try every day to rebuild my trust in mankind. ~ Karen King 

First time mistake can be forgiven, second time will be a lesson and third time will be taking advantage, so you should think twice. Is it alright to forgive someone if they doing same mistake over and over. It’s really hard to rebuild the trust. ~ Darshi Edirisooriya 

Trust comes from within, and we’re not trusting other people, we are trusting the power within us because we know that everything is in God’s time and place. The doubting and mistrusting comes from our mind (ego) which thinks it has to control everything and is constantly living in a world of fear. ~ Jim Long 

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