Sometimes being with no one is better


Sometimes being with no one is better than being with

Learn to live alone and love it.

Those also fly in the right direction.

Such a empty feeling being with someone and still feeling all alone. ~ Annette Lange

Until you find one who inspires you to soar even higher. The wind beneath your wings. ~ Juanita Alvarez 

I always fly solo, as does my soul mate, we just fly in tandem because true love isn’t control it’s freedom, it’s not having its giving, it’s not controlling its allowing them to fly solo and be free and choose to fly with you. In love is great freedom. I never want a prisoner, I want someone by my side because they ‘want’ to be by my side. The door is always open and yet she stays close always. Those that fly tandem have even stronger wings of gold. ~ David Velasquez 

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