Stop holding on to what hurts


Stop holding on to what hurts

There is always room for a new chapter in you’re life.

Make room for God. What feels good isn’t always what’s right.

Sometimes it’s somewhat real difficult to keep focused. Just keep your cool. There is always a moral to each and every chapter of your life. Just accept it. ~ Sarah Green 

We will always have the memories of what has hurt us. The pain it has caused in our minds heart etc. but with help from God and our faith we can move on. We are our worst enemy. I want to be happy. ~ Pamela Mansfield 

Letting go of hurt is really difficult because it is a part of you that you have to let go but slowly eventually common sense will tell you it is meaningless and start looking for something good to pick you up. ~ Vanita Varughese 

Pain becomes a habit like anything else. Try feeling something joyful for an hour, then a day, and pretty soon, your brain re-learns that joy is the natural state of mind, not pain. ~ Jan Stevens 

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