When a Child gives you a Gift


When a Child gives you a Gift

Remember to honor the child that is still within each person. ~ Dawn Ostgaard 

Anything a child gives you, should be treated like it was diamonds. I still have a bead cross necklace my son made for me at church when he was little. He is now 34, cherish it all, they’re only young once. ~ Carole Bauer 

Keeping treasures are valued so much more later in Life. ~ Carol Deming 

They are giving it with all their heart and to show they love you. ~ Maryann Price 

Gifts are always by the heart, if a child do that, for her/him is the best thing that he/she can do it for you. ~ María Poulain 

The gift of a child’s smile, a hug and love is enough. ~ Claire Appleton 

As a teacher, I have experienced it many times. And, yes, I do exude gratitude because I do think each gift is special. I have boxes of memorabilia to prove it. ~ Sharon Drake

My heart melts every time my grandchildren give me whatever they have in their precious hands. Priceless! ~ Susan Connolly 

I have a beach shell that my son gave me 40 years ago, I just can’t get rid of it. ~ Linda Badore 

My son gave me a rock when he was 6. He is now nearly 21. It has stripes on it . He called it a tiger rock. I cherish my tiger rock. ~ Amanda Gee 

Of all of the items I collect as life goes on some things I have to thin out to make room for new. Items made for me or given to me by our children or grandchildren seem to be exempt. I smile with the memories of these events. ~ Duane Shepherd 

The very first thing my very first grandchild gave me was a stick from a walk she was taking. I spray painted it, and it now holds up an embroidery piece I made. I treasure it above all things even the things my husband has given me because it was given with no strings attached, just pure love. I hope to give it back to her on her wedding day, or see that it is in her bridal bouquet. ~ Kathleen Hall 

I had a lot of those to keep, but the important thing is when they give you love in hard times and you feel that they always there for you. I am very happy to have my children to be love. ~ Aleen Guzman 

I remember your first year of school Fiona, during the mothers day stall at school you put me a little present. It was a tiny box wrapped with a ribbon; when I opened it, it was empty except for a piece of paper that read “A box of Love”. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it, I treasure that memory and I still have the box all these years later. ~ Jennifer Stevens 

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