When someone treats you like an option

When someone treats you like an option

We should always want to be “The choice” not “The option”.

If they don’t know your value leave them and find others who can appreciate your worth.

Never settle for less than you deserve. Always be a priority never an option. Know your self worth. ~ Deb Olalde 

If they don’t have the time to fit you into their ‘busy’ schedules then I certainly don’t have time for them in mine. ~ Jan Edmondson 

No matter how Good or Bad you Feel

Commit to focus & just do it. Your mind will lead you, just motivate your body to follow.  Some days you just need to rest and try to gather yourself. In my opinion that’s good too. Constant pain exhausts you. Don’t beat yourself up! ~ Jan Delaney I love dressing up even when I am feeling … Read More

To be Rich is not what you have in your bank account

Money is not everything in life. In our lives there are so many things that money can’t buy. Family, love & respect, they are the true happiness in ones life. Surely, all of us need money, but what it helps to obtain in life is temporary. ~ Vidura Jayasekera  If you are wealthy then share it … Read More

The Saddest thing about Betrayal

We never trust our enemies, but our friends & loved once. Enemies can’t betray you and you wouldn’t care anyway, but when friends do, is the worst feeling ever. One of my recent lessons, but I learnt from this to depend less on friends and more on me. This way I can’t be disappointed. ~ Roxana … Read More

You may not always end up where you thought you were going

Life always takes us where we are meant to be, but in the end we should always be happy. The twist of fate will change your life and your dreams. You cannot plan future but God plan it for you. ~ Dahlia Basco

A Happy life is about Giving more then you Take

Doing something that gets someone else to smile is one of life’s greatest rewards. Some selfless people find joy and happiness in giving and helping others. It’s how they are wired and I see nothing wrong in that. ~ Victoria Mack  The replenishment is Grace, provided by the God. It really has to do with attitude. … Read More

One of the Best Feelings

It takes absence to truly value and cherish presence. We don’t tell people often enough that we miss their smiles. When my absence doesn’t alter your life then my presence has no meaning in your life.

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