Somewhere a person who truly cares is waiting for you

Somewhere a person who trul cares is waiting for you

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.

To all those who feel they will never have someone, be patient it may take a while but think positive. If you think negative when that person comes along you may miss them.

True friends are like angels

Real friends can be counted on one hand, the others are just passing acquaintances. Friends who are full of devotion when we need nothing remind me of pine trees which offer us shade in winter. Such is the definition of a true friend in direct contrast to fickle, fair-weather friends who change seasonally and are … Read More

Some people can be mean & treat you poorly

Treat other the way you want to be treat & if you can’t say anything nice, keep your mouth shut. What goes around, comes around and if you roll in the mud with the pigs the only thing that happens is you get dirty too. People’s actions always will speak volumes about themselves and how … Read More

When you decide to give someone a second Chance

Everyone of us makes mistakes in our lifetime. So, everyone deserves a second chance to redeem themselves. None of us can say we are perfect and we all make mistakes some time or the other , second chances can be given if the person who wronged has really understood what their actions did to others … Read More

Everyone has gone through something that has changed them

Sometimes you have to remember that no matter how awful you think your problem is someone somewhere is suffering even more. ~ Melinda Coslett  Life’s all about changes, hopefully for the better. In any life changing situation, we move on from what we used to be to one we hope to be. Its like seeking one’s … Read More

If things don’t feel right

You’re never lonely when you’re with someone you enjoy being with. That includes yourself. Being alone with yourself is better than being with a jerk. ~ Victoria Mack  When your with someone and you feel so lonely and there’s no talking, no intimacy. It will be better off by myself. ~ Nancy Napier  One can feel lonelier … Read More

Spending the rest of your life with someone

You see this when you go into a restaurant and an elderly (or younger) couple are sitting across each other looking bored and depressed. They aren’t even talking to each other or looking at each other. ~ Victoria Mack  Men or women should not be pressured into getting married because “everyone should.” Following that, well meaning … Read More

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