Anyone can run away from problems & issues in life

Anyone can run away from problems & issues in life

Face your problems! Don’t facebook your problems. ~ Rohini Neola

Quitting is the coward’s way out. Life never rewards a quitter. Be strong and have the courage to see it through, come what may, to the bitter end. ~ Margaret Young 

Anything can be worked out with good communication, but without that nothing is solved. ~ Jessie Shubert 

People just need to grow up & remember what’s right. It’s been forgotten, but not lost look inside your heart & you shall find and take a good look around and you will realize who really cares. ~ Christopher Mardis 

Life has knocked me down a few times

If you don’t get up and put yourself back out there, you will have never lived. We have to be willing to be vulnerable to experience All life has to give us. ~ Robyn Chatman  I’ve had many times been knocked down, beaten up and then got up and moved on. The important thing is that … Read More

People that are meant to be together

No matter how many times people try to break us up, we will always find each other. ~ Cassie Nyati  Soul mates gravitate towards each other. Time, distance and circumstances notwithstanding. If you’re destined for one another, it will come to pass regardless because destiny decrees it so. Call it the whims of fate. ~ Margaret Young  … Read More

Sometimes, you have to Let people go

Sometimes it has nothing to do with taking. Sometimes, it’s the judging, the criticism and the hurt they bring to your life. Trouble is you don’t realize this at the time. You are too happy giving and giving to the one you love and think loves you. You only realize after it is over, how … Read More

Move on & Let go of anything that burdens your soul

Change the things you can, accept the things you can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference. From the prayer of st Francis. Not being able to forgive is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. If you forgive enough, it will become a way of life and create the peace that … Read More

Laugh until your belly Hurts

The best laughter ever when it makes your belly sore. Love the sound of children laughing. Laughing so hard till your tummy hurt and cry at the same time when family member cannot rightfully deliver the punch line and make some funny faces and they think you are laughing at their joke. That’s a precious moment … Read More

Be kind to unkind people

Be kind to everyone but if someone is being rude or hateful just because they can, then I will remove myself from the situation or try my best to ignore them. If it’s at work, I try to stay professional. For family, those people are cut off and not in my life. Toxic people have … Read More

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