When the wrong people leave your Life

When wrong people leave your Life

You got to keep the wrong ones out of your life so that you can enjoy yourself.

Funny how that works. I got rid of a drama queen that mistreated me and everyone else. Once I dumped him, the following week I got a job that someone out of the blue called to offer, I won some money, and life has been terrific ever since. ~ Dayle Villagran 

God will give you the right person, but you have to let go the wrong person.

Sometimes you have to give up on people

I call it disconnect! Some folks family or not are just not worth the effort to keep connected. Keep connected to those who want you, need you and love you and forget the rest. It is what it is. ~ Elizabeth Coard  It hurts a lot, but all one can do is love them and expect … Read More

People that are not adding to your Growth

Don’t let dead weight hold you back, don’t let weeds block your sun and steal your nourishment and don’t let anyone decrease your value with their words. People who bring you down and make you feel bad, and make you feel bad about yourself and your life, are very unhealthy. Stay away from negative personalities … Read More

Trust is earned & Respect is given

Respect, trust and loyalty are expensive gift. Do not expect them from cheap people. People who do these things wonder why you do not trust them or talk much to them anymore. They used to be someone in your life, now they are nothing. Respect is more like a continuum. I have a base level … Read More

Don’t believe everything you hear

Get all your facts gather before making assumptions. People judge you with the first story. Everything happens for a reason. No one on earth has the right to judge anyone else, it’s God’s job. I’m very honest when it comes to the truth. People just don’t like the truth when I confront them with. If … Read More

Worrying takes away today’s peace

Worrying does not change anything but it does effect you so “Let it Be, Let Go, and Let God” and all will work out the way it is meant to. Do not be anxious about tomorrow because tomorrow will bring it’s own worries, just live one day at a time, which is what is given … Read More

Happiness doesn’t start with your Relationship

Unless you don’t find happiness within you will never truly feel complete. When you look at your own happiness as something that is truly sacred, you will guard it with all your might. ~ Christy Tucker At first unimaginable and painful, but cut yourself from everything for two months and do everything on your own. You’ll … Read More

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