People who suck the happiness out of you

People who suck the happiness out of you

If they took some fat they would be more tolerable. ~ Theresa Hanna

It’s only about those people who share your happiness and forget you when you need to share your sadness with them. At that point life seems look like very short but that is also a turning point to choose the right people in life who always stand by your side. ~ Dost Mohammad 

Choosing your best friends will enhance and strengthen your capability to grows into your intended plan called by God for your life.

Sometimes people won’t understand how you feel

When in doubt about how someone is feeling, a hug never fails. Sometimes that’s all a person needs. Just knowing that just one person cares can be the best medicine. ~ Dean Nordberg  We all have problems in life maybe in different ways or situation, but if you have an open mind you will understand what … Read More

Never define yourself by your relationship status

Never allow anyone to define who you are. To yourself and to God this matters. Against the the world, they judge you on your status, income and looks. ~ Ban Maximilian  The name you are wearing, using, driving, drinking or whatever does not impress me, how you live your life and treat others is far more … Read More

Don’t be afraid to start over

Keep your life in a forward momentum, then you continue to live and grow. It’s a chance to discover all that you have been missing in your life. ~ Julie Becker  No matter how bad it hurts letting go of someone, but you never know what God’s got in store for you. When he opens up … Read More

Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional

Emotions are a bit like traffic signals, never to be ignored. Always pay attention to them and accept they are there for a purpose. Emotions show empathy and isn’t that what being human is all about. ~ Unknown For those people who tell you that you are being “over-sensitive” and that you need to “toughen up”. … Read More

It’s better to cry than to be angry

Anger is a human emotion telling us something is out of alignment with our values. Whilst we can’t control our emotions, we can learn to control our reactions to our emotions. Raise your awareness to why you are angry and think of good ways you can react. That way you’re not bottling it up but … Read More

Trust that whatever is behind it is not meant for you

If something meant to be, it will come. If something doesn’t, you can’t hold it any more. First of all, we have to make sure that God is the one that shut the door and not our stupidity. Just be quiet and listen. He will let you know. ~ Lisa Ann Taylor  I used to put … Read More

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