Be willing to go alone sometimes


Be willing to go alone sometimes

If we can learn to depend on ourselves and be alone, then we can learn to be with others and respect our individuality. When we are capable, yet rely on others to support us, then we take others for granted. When we are alone we are forced to face ourselves and for many people we don’t like what we see. If this is the case, then we must have the responsibility to change, rather than expect someone else to deal with it. The moment we start working on ourselves is the moment we no longer need someone else and also the very moment we become attractive to others. We must bring value to ourselves before we can bring value to others. Once we do, we will no longer be alone. ~ Challenge Genie 
People come and go. It’s up to you , who you choose to ” finish ” with . life is not a sprint , it’s marathon , up hill and down, it’s how you deal with life’s ups and downs that sets you apart. ~ Russell Simmons 

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