Dear Mind, please stop thinking so much


Dear Mind, please stop thinking so much

When you pray, all is well, your mind is at peace.

A chattering mind or a monkey mind is brought about by some impurity of ones mind. Mind purification is brought about through living life with awareness, while being the observer of the now. Even while your lying in bed you can do this. Either aware, while observing your breath, or else aware, while observing your bodily sensation, or else aware, while observing what your doing in the now. But, you must try maintain your all important equanimity. ~ Michael Egan 

My mind is at peace. I am blessed to be free of the baggage that I finally knew was no longer positive in my journey. ~ Marilyn Bogus 

Your mind is your most powerful tool, learn and practice to use it to your advantage, not your demise! ~ Susan Cardwell 

Write down all that is on your mind, promise yourself and believe in yourself that you will read it in the morning, then you will sleep better. Don’t forget to read it in the morning otherwise the method will fail. ~ Mo Khera 

Once we learn that we are not our minds, we are the one that is listening to it. When we are able to step back and just listen to what he is saying, and not take ownership, only then does the voice become quiet, then you can say we become the master instead of it’s slave. ~ Jim Long 

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