Don’t let your forgiveness become foolishness


Don't let your forgiveness become foolishness

We are just doing the best we can in the moment we have and to forgive is such a high virtue. I love him from far and wish him well. Hope he sees his mistakes and changes but I don’t need to be part of his life to help him see his lesson anymore. ~ Marsha Jauregui 

People change and sometimes hurt others without realizing they are. I’ve been hurt by people who didn’t understand the pain they were causing and I hurt the one person I truly love in my attempt to fight for him. We’ve all said and done things that have been misinterpreted by someone we care about. Forgiving them and communicating, understanding and working towards rebuilding trust. It shows a beautiful heart that is open to growth. A beautiful soul that believes in the beauty at the core. It’s easy to love and care for someone when its sunshines and rainbows. It’s only when the darkness comes and we forgive and choose not to shut down and wall people out and instead choose to understand, to grow. To reflect on our actions and theirs that we begin to see and feel what real love is. ~ Dar Marie

Forgiveness isn’t for them, its for you. It’s our only way to let the past go, and truly have acceptance of what has happened for you to grow. Peace within to move forward. If you remember we are all just doing the best we can for where we are spiritually in life, then you can forgive easier that they’re not where we would like them to be to be a better person. Hopefully one day they will. ~ Marsha Jauregui 

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