Everything comes to you when you truly need it


Everything comes to you when you truly need it

“Trust” and ” Patience” are BIG words in life.

Stay in faith even when it seem impossible, I’m trusting and waiting for the things to come in my life. ~ Kwame Boateng

There is a difference in truly needing something and wanting something. Put faith and trust in God and he will provide a way for you to get what you truly need. ~ Lynne Broome 

It’s just the way you want to live. Some people want to wait and some people keep trying. Just live the way that you feel good about it because you only live once and time flies. So enjoy every day, you wil never know what the next day brings. ~ Gerrit Griend 

Everything comes at the right time. Some say go run after your aims and needs be for it too late. Others say don’t worry it is on it’s way towards you. Somebody says but trust the bears of your heart, follow the plans of your mind, hear your inner voice, don’t worry about the ordeals arising in way. If there’s a will there’s a way, time is running fast. Neither waste it nor run after it. Live it, live your life, do your dreams into reality. If life is a movie, make best out of every scene. ~ Farah Zoor

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