Let go

Goodbye is a Gift


Goodbye is a Gift

Sometimes we have to let go, and let God work his miracle in our lives!

At the end of this life we say goodbye to everyone and everything in it. That’s way the ability to detach is so important. ~ Phillippa McGrath

Sometimes it’s family who walks away or whom we gave to walk away from. I’ve let go of my older brother, older sister and a close friend I thought I could believe in. We discover how strong we are and my path is so much clearer and drama free. ~ Kathy Mohs 

Sometimes that is the greatest gift another can give. One person in particular who walked away was the greatest gift ever. At first I was hurt but within a few days I was like, oh man, I can breathe! I could not be where I am now if that person would not have released me. I grew and grew since then. ~ Trisha Schelble 

I don’t hang on to yesterday. It is what it is and it can’t be changed. However, one can still be thankful to past for what has shaped today. Good or bad things do happen for a reason. Perception can make it negative or positive. I am thankful that the negative turned me into a positive direction. That was the blessing from it! ~ Leslie Kiger 

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