Happiness is like a butterfly


Happiness is like a butterfly

Love is like the wings of a butterfly, fragile and delicate-one needs to handle with gentleness.

Stop and smell the flowers. Enjoy the things that you have. It will fill your heart and soul with love.

Just the other day with a new found Friend, who was a yogi and it goes like this, ready? I’m a yoga teacher that lives in a very small town. I had been looking for that special place to work as a yoga teacher for a few months now and I was getting frustrated! I felt like I was the only yogis in this town. The quest to find a job, I self spiritually connected too. I googled yoga studios in the area and just a few came up. Well I went and check out a few. The one right on town Was my last one. Well not only was the one in town the right one but, but this beautiful young vibrant teacher was also struggling to find an other yogi too. Well, we practiced at her place one week and the next time I said you come to my home and we will practice here. At the end of our session, we were talking outside, this incredible beautiful black butterfly with yellow and blue dots appears out of no where and we both looked at each other and were admiring this beautiful butterfly that we have never seen before. Black look beautiful yellow and vibrant blue spots was a sign of new beginnings in my life! Sometimes just being still and clam and when I finally stop getting frustrated and said I’m taking a break and I’m going to let the universe take over that’s when my yogi friend found me, lots of blessings come into your life by sometimes just being in the present moment and still. Namaste! ~ Linda Pellegrini

Just be at the moment, enjoy your single life or your parents, your siblings or your husband and children. Cherish the memories and be at awe of what this world gives us and at the end you can say I lived a full life and happy to leave this world! ~ Connie Brown

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