Never stop saying I love you


Never stop saying I love you

My Husband held my hand everyday. Made me laugh everyday, made me giggle before falling asleep. Held me so close every night. Together 24/7/365 & only 1 real fight in 6 years. Loved him since I was 15. God blessed me with the greatest love of my life. God called him Home but I feel him. Everyday I love you! ~ Betty Kenney

My wife tells me I hold her hand like I’m afraid. She’s going to get away. I tell her I hold her hand because I never want to let her go. ~ Robert Adams 

We are not promised a tomorrow. Still hold hands with my husband, say I love you everything one of us leave the other. Say good morning and I love you, morning and night, every single day. Done this for over 41 yrs! ~ Joann Scaffe 

It’s been 51 years and we still hold hands and say I love you and kiss each other every morning noon and night and we say we love each other always. ~ Helen Robinson 

I have a good husband we do it all the time holding hands saying I love you. I been 28 years and still going strong. I love husband with every breath and thank God we found each other after I was 13. So he my only man that loves me right till death do us part. ~ Melissa Smith 

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