Let go

People only remember you when they need you


People only remember you when they need you

It was like, I was born just for these people who depends on me. I always wish I can enjoy my own life, do what I like, but I can’t. I don’t have time for myself. Everyday, I am waiting for the night to come just for me to get sleep. ~ Anna Liza 

I realized I was just a doormat that paid the bills. Everything was always about my ex and my stepson, no consideration to what I needed / wanted. Gets extremely tiresome after a while when you give all you have to give and they just take it and treat it like it is their entitlement. Soul Destroying. Then they wonder why you get pissed off and start snapping. ~ Chris Tanner 

I have worked all my life, and am still working after retirement, but then I have learnt to make my own space, my own thoughts, my own way of doing things. You have to give yourself time. All those people around you are because you are there to be around. So you are important. Take care. Love yourself. You are important. ~ Amina Mirza 

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