You are not the same soul once you were


Nobody can be expected to stay the same, that’s life, some people do expect things to stay the same, and don’t want to face reality.

Over four and a half years ago I lost my job, all my family and a long time girlfriend and a lot of so called friends and have learned it is not how many friends you have in your life. It’s all about who is there for you for thick or thin. I am not the same the same person I was then. But now do not have much as I had then but I have learned that. As along as you have your health and be happy. That is all that matters and I am at my lowest point in my life cash wise, but that does not matter now. Family when I was growing was there for thick and thin. Not much these days. I have been there for so many and than who was there for me, but in life timing is everything. I do not care about keeping every body happy like I use to. You have to put yourself first and be happy. ~ Timothy Hampton 

It’s what a tragedy will do to a soul. Your outlook and life are never the same again, but you pull yourself up with what strength you have left and go on. ~ Raeme Jalowiec 

Change is the constant in time, since the facilitation of spiritual growth for God’s creatures is its created purpose, although the divine essence holding beings in place and whole remains the same forever, as its Creator.


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