You have three choices in life


You have three choices in life

I’m trying so hard to give it all I’ve got. I still have hard day’s but I don’t beat myself up over them anymore. I’m in early stages of recovery after getting electric shock treatment so I view my off days as blips and just do lots of soothing self care things. ~ Sarah Stoddart 
Through your determination that you are winners and will come out on top with God’s help. You are strong, much stronger than you believed, but look how you have overcome. If you think back where you were in life you will see. ~ Jack Butz 
To clarify, one has to understand and acknowledge the current state / situation. It’s awareness then, and only then, can you evaluate all your options and paths. Without the awareness, and evaluation, one is simply walking blind. Accepting the current situation doesn’t mean the situation is to be permanent. Giving it all you got is a mean to get to where you want to be in the future. ~ Terry Yau

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