Be selective to choose your next love


Be selective to choose your next love

You need to realize what you learned, improve upon those things, then take them with a grain of salt and move on. No relationship is ever going to be the same because no two people are the same. So you can’t judge a new relationship based on your last, it will just hold you back in fully loving someone new. ~ Paige Leslie 

You definitely want to apply the lesson in the future but not let the future pay from the past relationship. Your past experience is the blueprint to someone better and well deserved. Learn to forgive yourself and the person whom you’ve ended said relationship with. Never rush into a new relationship and it’s a band aid to cure you from what you just left. You will know when you are ready, it hits you. ~ Bryan Parkman 

Being friends first is the key. Just always remember, it goes both ways. You both have to like and want the same things. Two peas in a pod. As they say. All I ever ask for is 50 percent of his free time. Not counting work or sleep time. Doing what we both like to do not just one sided or wearing anything out. They always said they’ll come when you least expect it. At the point of giving up. They will be there. ~ Susan Schull 

From my prior relationship I learnt a lot, it’s bad idea to start a relationship so quickly, you have to take time to know the person. ~ Yesi Morales

My best and longest relationships came from being friends with them first and really getting to know each other on a friendship level and then we developed a deep, meaningful relationship. All my relationships that started quickly burned out just as quickly as it started. ~ Kari Nguyen 

Alone is better than being with the wrong person. Being with the wrong person is much more lonely. ~ Victoria Mack 

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