Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face


Beauty isn't about having a pretty face

Physical beauty fades with age. Inner beauty mature with age, so you keep beautiful child of God. ~ Maria Lleva

When we are young we all are pretty, but if our mind are corrupted, and the heart is evil, the soul should be evil too. So that creates wrinkles known as “You were ugly and are ugliest now than when you thought you were pretty.” Lets be nice and pretty. People will smile at your heart from their heart. ~ Maria Piane

A soul and heart for people takes years to develop, but yet some people just have this for everyone. What a nice way to be accepting of everyone. We don’t have to like the way they act, just love everyone. ~ Carolyn Desimone

If you have only a pretty face, that doesn’t get you through life with great family and friends, colleagues, etc. when you get older, you realise these things, because the light from within shines brighter than any pretty face alone. ~ Jennifer Anderson

I’m waiting for the man who can see how kind and loving my heart and soul is, and how amazing my mind is. Most only look at the face and miss the best part. I will know this man when I meet him. So, yes it is practical. It is going to take someone who is not shallow. ~ Donna Langley

There are many pretty people with ugly attitudes and a ugly mouth. ~ Pam Duppins

Most man look at the face and never give the heart and soul of the woman a chance. ~ Kristi Fuller

Your outer beauty will fade with time, but your inner beauty just gets better with time. ~ Tom Murphy

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