Let go

Choosing whether to walk away or try harder


One of the hardest decisions you'll ever face in life

Try harder and if it doesn’t work, you will be better off walking away. ~ Mary Ramos 

Some need to be left out so as not to waste time. Some must try again, harder. ~ Erni Pratiwi 

It’s easer to try harder than to walk away and deal with all the heartache for walking away. ~ Kathy Byrd 

One of the hardest things especially when you care about everyone but come to realize sometimes even if you care so much nothing will change the other. ~ Lindsay Lee 

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run. ~ Lynne Howe 

It’s about making a decision and making sure it’s the right decision. Losing is living with doubt and regret with regard to your decision. ~ Sudha Natarajan 

If you keep walking away, all you learn is to walk farther and farther. If you try harder and work it out, you begin to discover something about your character, your true self. God does not waste any hurt. He wants to make sure that the finest version of self bubbles up. ~ Prosy Delacruz

When the road is blocked, try another route and another. A minimum of three, then walk away if that fails. ~ Mungo Jerry 

Sometimes we need to walk away when we reach the point of trying harder but with no result or use. So we must move. ~ Yasmeena Jasmine 

Try twice and walk away if it does not work. It just takes time. The question is ” how long do I have to invest my time and energy?” ~ Seung Lee 

Walk away if years passed you still get the same unsatisfactory result for trying hard and given your best. ~ Norma Powell 

You can try and try again, when that doesn’t work it’s time to say,”I’ve tried my best, I gave it my all, now I need to take care of me and mine. No failure on your part. There’s something better waiting just for you. ~ Bonnie Elkins 

Don’t ever walk away from your dreams. They may not be exactly what you expected, but you are worth it. However, walking away from unhealthy people may just save your sanity. ~ Jessica Wright 

Choices we chose makes who we are and no matter what choices we make either walk away or try harder. That’s life, we live for it. ~ Champ Lucero 

Sometimes walking away brings amazing things. It certainly changed my life. ~ Tami Elsby 

After you have tried your hardest and to no avail, walk away and don’t look back! Happiness will find you. ~ Nancy Iagrossi 

Sometimes walking away is the most loving thing you can do. It’s not quitting or giving up. It’s about loving yourself enough and wanting what is best and healthiest for both people involved. ~ Kim Itzaina 

Sometimes we need to listen to our hearts and sometimes we need to listen to our brains. Its so difficult at times to walk away when you know its the right decision. ~ Bea Winters 

If something is worth of trying harder, the best decision is never give up, go on giving your best. ~ Dijana Haseljic 

Is this about career or relationship? Both have different answers. I wouldn’t walk away from career if I wanted it. I would walk from relationship if it wasn’t working. ~ Ruben Mancias 

I choose to try harder, try another way, or think where I could do it all differently and instead of walking away. Stay and try harder, if at first you don’t succee try and try again. ~ Esther Jucovic 

It was safer to walk away. This gave me courage & strength to trust myself. Taking risks/chances are part of my journey. ~ Zona Hague 

Walking away is hard especially if feelings are involved so you try harder only to find that walking away was the right thing to do in the first place. ~ Anthony Chetcuti 

I walked away because I finally learned to love myself more. ~ Denise Hecht 

I walked away, I lost some very important people in my life because of it, but I had to do what I did in order to live. ~ Patricia Davis 

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