Controllers, abusers & manipulative people don’t question themselves


Controllers, abusers & manipulative people don't question themselves

After they’ve created a ton of chaos to clean up, they expect someone else to do it for them. ~  Gail Klodt 

They are very quick to point out your faults. No matter that they have faults of their own, we are expected to just forget what they have said or done to hurt us because they have already “forgiven us for our mistakes”. ~ Amy Martinez

These people won’t ever change. They just get worse with age. It’s not sad that the person is like this, it is something that people like this can change about themselves. The sadness comes when it ruins relationships and the person still doesn’t get it. ~ Felicia Gueterman 

They have us co-dependents around to soften all the blows. We suffer, they don’t. They need to be able to fall and feel the pain themselves instead of leaving it wound others maybe then they will change. ~ Theresa Logan 

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