Cutting certain people out of your life


Cutting certain people out of your life

Sometimes being selfish isn’t a negative thing. You’ve got to put yourself first. If people don’t edify, honor or dignify you, then they have no place, purpose, or value in your life. ~  Diana Totino 

If a friend shows no respect for you, treats you like crap, do yourself a favor and let them go, no matter how painful it might be you will see as time goes on, you are better off without them. ~ Mel Clarke 

Distance ourselves from people because they are going to leave anyway. So, we just avoid to be hurt or get used. ~ Sara Moustafa 

I am cleaning my list of such people and I will continue to love myself first, so I won’t allow another to put me last. ~ Cat Bernard 

I seldom cut people out completely but I do set firm boundaries absolutely. If they are not respecting or enhancing you, then you are better off without them and must let them go to walk there own path. This is love actually. For yourself mostly, but also for them. ~ Anne McDougle 

Life becomes fantastic when we cut manipulative people who change their colors around others out of our lives.

Cutting people out on your life may be a means of your own self preservation but it does not mean you respect the other person. God’s goal is always reconciliation. It is just that few people have the heart for it. It is a true test of character to love one another, and to give seeking nothing in return. ~ Vanessa Howe 

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