Do not regret growing older


Do not regret growing older

Such a privilege that so many don’t get. Each day is a blessing.

Growing old with excellent health and drug free is a real blessing and bonus. Thank you Lord. Happiness is submitting to God Alone. ~ Jarrah Noh 

It is wonderful to be blessed with the privilege of a longer healthy life. So many are gone at a way too young age. I cherish each day. ~ Marty Pyle 

I don’t regret anything. For everything was a learning experience. Still hope to have many more years to experience life and watch my children and grandchildren grow. ~ Georgene Kmiecik 

Be thankful for each day that you wake up in the morning. Enjoy life. It is a precious gift. Another opportunity to experience and learn new things. Another opportunity to share love. ~ Alfred Flores 

We are so fortunate as we age to be able to share our time and celebrate our life with family, friends and those who we meet along the way. ~ Margarita Kind

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