Don’t correct a Fool, or he will Hate you


Don't correct a Fool, or he will Hate you

Don’t argue with a fool. He will drag you to his level and will beat you with his foolishness.

No point trying to correct a fool as he will refuse to accept that he even needs correction. ~ Karin Sewell 

You cannot train your spirit if you are ruled by your ego. Pride is dangerous to your health. ~ Peter Ho 

Sometimes it takes years to see the difference between a fool and a wise man. Is the fool real fool or is the wise man a real wise man? ~ Wolfgang Fasser 

You will know the fools. They disagree with you before you finish your sentence. A fool with hope will still disagree with you but a day after you spoke you will notice them repeating your words to someone else or even applying it to their life. ~ Ryan Fairchild 

If you continually argue with a fool you end up becoming more of a fool. The wiseman does not even engage with the fools foolishness as it’s a waste of vicious cycle energy spinning wheels getting nowhere. ~ Maxine Pepper 

It is important to stand up for what you believe in for your happiness, health and peace of mind for what you need. The rest will just show weather or not it matters to others, what is important is you don’t compromise yourself and your values. This is who you are and in the end you have to live with yourself 24 x 7. ~ Suzanne Mead 

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