Everything in Life is temporary


Everything in Life is temporary

I enjoy life when things are happening. I don’t care if it’s good things or bad things. That means you’re alive. ~ Badr Naciri 

Everything in this life is temporary and bad things happen here but if you believe in God and accept him into your heart you will have eternal life. There will be no more crying or pain there. It will be amazing. ~ April Brewin 

Our expectations are always making us frustrated. So we should be happy with what we have. 

Bright and dark shades of life are to teach us something new as after darkness of night follows with bright sunrays. We must enjoy every color of life as every color has it’s own importance making us understand we are alive. Each person question paper is different so as answers make us unique. How we all are dealing & reaction towards it is different. ~ Rupali Gandhi

Even if we experienced both situations very often, whenever we are happy, we believe that this is now forever and when ever we are unhappy we believe we will never be happy again. We know nothing last forever, but nevertheless we cannot be objective. So the best is, to enjoy the good times as much as we can and take the sad times to allow our soul to be sad for a while. We learn of it! ~ Ingrid Bahtiyar 

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