Let go

Hardest thing to do is Letting go


Hardest thing to do is Letting go

It’s so hard to do because hope keeps you lingering around but sometimes it’s best to finally let go so wounds can heal and love can fill your heart again for someone new. It just takes time. ~ Paul Aguirre

Letting go and trusting the process is how things get done. When we don’t obsess, and we just know the timing will come for our desires to happen, we let go so we continue to work hard and strive for what we want, that’s when things really start to happen. Letting go = magic happening. ~ Aasiyah Noor

Letting go sometimes takes more courage than holding on. ~ Kelly Downes

Sometimes it can be the best thing we ever did in our lives.

Once you make that decision you know in your heart it is for ‘your own’ best interest & well-being. ~ Anne Traynor 

Sometimes you try and try and it’s a unhealthy to hold on but some of us don’t give up on people. We can be our on worst enemy. ~ Cindy Gowell

It seems that the hardest things people have to do are worth doing the most. I have had to do this not just for my own happiness but the happiness of the person. I didn’t want to let go of most and the main thing stopping me was fear. It’s taken a long time but I feel I’m finally in control of my life again. In order to be happy everyone needs to stop letting fear control them, its so difficult but so worth while. Life really is what you make it! I know I’m very young but I really have been through it and I’m finally out of hospital being happy and myself again so I thought I would share this to hopefully inspire people so that they to can achieve what I have Time can heal all wounds.

I personally hate feeling like I have failed at something whether it be my fault or not. It’s the most unsatisfying feeling knowing you gave a relationship your all and it crumbles despite your own best efforts. However, it is through these crumbled relationships I have learned to fight harder for the ones that are still in tact. ~ Stealth Kim

Our kids don’t realize how hard it is to let go until it is their turn to let go and then they wish they could turn back the times to let their parents know how much they appreciated the fact that their parents trusted them enough to let them go. ~ Marla Grove

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