How far Love can travel?


How far Love can travel?

The far from eye the nearest to the heart.

The greater the distance the greater the love.

Love is unlimited. Love is what feels like heaven in the midst of everything else.

If two people want to be together, no such thing (distance) can keep them apart. That is if they truly care for one another. ~ Norma Powell 

Military wives have extensive knowledge of this. ~ Tameka Williams 

Love makes the world go round. We all need it from human or pets. Those who don’t have, die young or are bitter all their lives. ~ Stephanie Gorkowski 

No matter how hard it takes, just believe in love you have for each other. ~ Charmayne Galanto 

My husband is a OTR Trucker with over 3 million miles behind the wheel. Our Love has endured many miles over the last 20 + years- with many more to look forward to. Love can go any distance. ~ Sue Gillespie 

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