I want someone who says I love you and proves it


I want someone who says I love you and proves it

It happens, but not always easy to find the right person. Sometimes we think we have and turns out, not so much. But, think positive, it may happen. ~ Carol Hoyt 

To have this for a lifetime is a rare blessing these days, but it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, to use an old cliche. ~ Betty Drake 

He is my man, no other else my most beloved husband, I am the most luckiest woman in the world alive for having him. Every day of my life, he proved it how much he loves me. Don’t ask me why I love him? I will answer you, I don’t know, because I love him for no reason, my love for him is deep and endless as the sea. Strong and mighty as the tree. My love for my soul mate! I love him with every breath I take. ~ Avelina Timbol

I was lucky enough to find mine. He is the greatest. Never know what he is going to surprise me with next. Took me a long time to find him, and I definitely am not letting go, I have to thank God every day for him. ~ Anna Saettel 

The ultimate validation, approval & love seek within first before seek elsewhere. 

That someone is yourself. Start the day by loving yourself and prove it the rest of the day.

I’ll be single until that moment comes because I love myself too much to continue to settle for anything less than what my heart brings to the table. ~ Janine Muller

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