If you are tired of being hassled by unreasonable parents


If you are tired of being hassled by unreasonable parents

It is always positive for teenagers to be independent and accept that parents aren’t being unreasonable at all, they are guiding their children to be able to flourish. ~ Brenda Baldwin 
Every teenagers who thinks they know it all find out real quick how hard it is when you leave home, the first thing they learn is one has to work to pay the bills, all parents should also learn that once that child leaves home, stop letting them return home, remember they thought they knew it all, now let them learn from their mistake, don’t keep cuddling them and stay away from co-dependence. ~ Baakkonen KA 
I actually came around and gave myself this SAME advice shortly after high-school graduation. The trouble is, NO matter how great a relationship you have with your parents, or how great of parents you have, the parent-child relationship prevents a child from pioneering his or her own path should you always live under your parents’ roof.
So, love your parents, but realize you need to carve out your own road in life and create your OWN life– even if you have to work through your FEAR to do it. Sometimes your parents don’t really know you and won’t give you credit for your abilities, even though you have lived with them for almost 2 decades.
Don’t ever let other people’s doubts of you (that includes your parents) prevent you from actualizing your potential.
~ Gayane Meschyan 


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