If you have an Ugly Heart


If you have an Ugly Heart

Look for the heart of the person not the looks.

Being ugly on the inside is an even bigger turn off then being pretty outside.

Beauty is only skin deep, but a heart full of love is something that is seen from deep in our soul. ~ Inez Watson 

You can be pretty on the outside, but if your heart is ugly and evil this takes over the beauty on the outside. ~ Kaevetta Hinson 

Some people feel being pretty and having their hair and make up fixed is so important when they really need to fix the inside. ~ Mika Isbell 

The pretty face captures initial attention, but doesn’t look so pretty when you get to see what’s inside. The shell is short lived but the heart and soul remain for a lifetime.  ~ Anna Eucker 

An ugly face worsens if you have an ugly heart and for some reasons a persons looks a bit prettier if they have a beautiful heart.

All the make up in the world can’t cover up a ugly heart. ~ Brian Carter 

If you have a pretty face and your heart is rotten, then all of you is rotten, rotten face, rotten mind and rotten heart. ~ Rosy Medina 

A lot of nice looking people ugly is the way they treat others with there mind and heart. ~ Roger Hutchison 

Doesn’t matter how much plastic surgery, botox, fillers, exercise and dieting you do, if you’re ugly on this inside you’re just masking your ugliness with all of that cosmetic nonsense. Some people don’t realize they are not fooling anyone. ~ April Marie 

This should be embedded in the minds of young children from birth. It really doesn’t matter what’s on the outside. It’s what’s lies beneath that matters. ~ Justina Leduc 

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