In the end, we all discover who’s Fake


In the end, we all discover who's Fake

It shouldn’t have to come to that. When somebody loves you, they will be with you through thick & thin, if not it was never meant to be or it wasn’t love to begin with. ~ Julie Armstrong 

People who are fake are not real and not sincere. Fake people use sarcasm just to get by and pretend to be something they are really not. People who are true are real people who just tell it like it is by being honest and don’t care what people think about them but they are outspoken. People who risk it all for you would do anything to always be on your side now matter what happens and will do anything in this world to save your life. ~ Erica Tucker 

In the end it’s life because some bad, some good, some white, some black, some make happiness, some look for happiness, some riches some poor, some love some hate and it’s all good.

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