Intimacy is not purely physical


Intimacy is not purely physical

Intimacy goes beyond the “physical intimacy” (i.e. sex) and, in fact, may exist even without it. It is a very close connection with someone else as a result of a bond that is formed through the knowledge and experience of the other. Genuine intimacy requires dialogue, transparency, vulnerability and reciprocity. It’s wonderful, although it is actually quite rare. ~ Calin Gheorghiu 

It is so deep and intense & only two who love each other that truly can feel that. ~ Leenie Lin

Intimacy is a true blessing and to look into the soul with your eyes open is more than anyone could ever ask. ~ Marie Davis 

It is not the human heart that feel but the soul. The heart is just the mechanical thing that pump the blood all over the body. ~ Elizabeth Yu 

The one who loves truly can feel that connection regardless of the distance to his/her loved ones. ~ Jasmine Josie

Intimacy is the physical expression of the feelings from your partner being your friend and companion on the journey through life. ~ Allan Groat 

Physically I love being with my husband but its hot working in Texas. Heat so I big long hug cuddling sitting watching tv is all I need. I melt in his arms when we need to ho to sleep, His hugs and words make my world perfect and make my stress go away. I love my husband so much, his not my number one, he’s my only one. ~ Karen Anderson 

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