It’s better to cry than to be angry


It's better to cry than to be angry

Anger is a human emotion telling us something is out of alignment with our values. Whilst we can’t control our emotions, we can learn to control our reactions to our emotions. Raise your awareness to why you are angry and think of good ways you can react. That way you’re not bottling it up but you’re still able to express it in a good way i.e talking calmly about feelings instead of shouting. It can take practice, but once you’re aware and trying, it will become easier. ~ Nicolina Zarola 

As a therapist I see so many people who feel guilty for feeling angry. I always teach them that ‘anger’ is a positive and normal emotion. Without it there would never be any social change and it’s often a part of the healing process for people. It’s how you channel that anger that’s important. Anger itself is not a bad thing. ~ Anna Grey 

Anger is a good emotion if you channel it for positive changes in your life but not if you use to as a weapon or lash out at people. This quote reads don’t use anger on people because it hurts them so how can that be wrong. Recent studies show that tears help reduce toxins and aid in the body’s healing properties by reducing tensions and releasing certain chemicals developed during emotional stress. The downside to “not crying” is harmful to the rest of your body. It’s destructive to internalize your sense of pain and to not give an appropriate release. It could manifest itself in other health conditions such as hypertension or cardiac problems. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Anger itself does not hurt others, it is an emotion we need to feel and then deal with. If our anger leads to aggression then that will hurt others and ultimately ourselves but it is often denial of anger that leads to aggression. We need to own all of our feelings before we can move on and let go. A good friend shared this with me and finally I understand it and can face my anger and not feel guilty about feeling it. Feeling our anger leads to ownership of our emotions and often then leads to tears when we realise we have used anger to hide sadness, fear, jealousy, and loss of control. Our feelings can become like an onion which if we deny can wrap around us tightly we bandage ourselves so tightly it hurts. We use anger to hide and mask feelings we do not want to face. Anger can often become a habit. ~ Rachel Arthur 

So many things are evidently “wrong” with our world, and our society, our local communities, and within our relationships, be they family, friends or work/ school that we know deep inside are wrong or toxic. What choice is there but frustration or anger, which is far healthier cleansed by tears from within than casting it outward in violence acting from the anger. ~ P J Slade 

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