Learn from Mistakes, but never Regret


 Learn from mistakes, but never regret

Anyone that you meet in your life has value. So it is not necessary to feel hurt, pain or suffering. It is part of life and God would not allow you to meet (for whatever the reason) if it was not meant. That is how we go through our test and trials of life. Each person brings us what we need at the time. I once did not know love, I met a wonderful man who introduced me to real love and I am grateful. Therefore, there is no need to move on from that experience. Quite the contrary, I appreciate and value the time and how it changed my outlook on my life. Thus, moving on from a bad situation, or seeming to feel bitterness, etc. is all negative and can be changed to counting it all joy. Sharing my feelings in my heart that will never change. ~ Lynn P. Lockridge

I realize I could have not done it without trust in God being my guidance, and strength. When we are in crucial times in our lives pray to God only. He can pick you up to move on in life. I was blessed when I opened up my heart to let Him in. Today I am a survivor of cancer 11yrs. Only made possible through Him. I could go on and on with how many times God has been in my life. But I am just a testimony of Gods true love for me. Amen! ~ Roberta Kealoha

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