Life has knocked me down a few times


Life has knocked me down a few times

If you don’t get up and put yourself back out there, you will have never lived. We have to be willing to be vulnerable to experience All life has to give us. ~ Robyn Chatman 

I’ve had many times been knocked down, beaten up and then got up and moved on. The important thing is that I needed to learn some lessons from these failures. In time , I finally realized my mistakes and was able to use the experiences as learning situations. Today with some wisdom and the help of others I tend to stop think and share my mistakes which allows me to learn from them. ~ Thomas Rubenstein 

I have experienced more downs than ups in the see saw of my life. One minute I’m feeling down on the ground and knocked out, next I’m up in the air and on top of the world. Life’s unpredictable and unexpected at the best of times. It’s a chance encounter with the good times and the bad times. It’s learning to go with the flow, at times choppy and rough, others smooth sailing and calm. One must adapt and adjust with the direction that life’s leading you. All failures are very testing and trying but the whole experience makes us all the stronger and better equipped for whatever comes next. Life is all about a series of challenges and we need to confront it head on in order to survive by overcoming the many hurdles and obstacles that are strewn in life’s path. With every knock dealt, one must pick oneself up and resume with the business of living. We are all born to survive instinctively. It’s in our very nature to abide, endure and basically survive. ~ Margaret Young 

How many times I experienced failures that made me down, but I will always rise and learned a lesson to continue the journey of my life. I learned to fight and face the challenges and trials I encounter everyday. Hoping one day I become a better person that I wanted to be. ~ Radelyn Yting

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