Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional


Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional

Emotions are a bit like traffic signals, never to be ignored. Always pay attention to them and accept they are there for a purpose. Emotions show empathy and isn’t that what being human is all about. ~ Unknown

For those people who tell you that you are being “over-sensitive” and that you need to “toughen up”. I have learned that they need to be told to quit being such a bully. ~ Michelle Call 

It’s okay to feel this way, but those things are an indication of something greater. Find out what that really makes you feel this way and try to get it to a point of understanding, acceptance or necessary change. Your emotions and stress affects others who observe and care about you also. Releasing stress from emotional expression is fine but doing something about the situation to help you feel better is also important. ~ Stephanie Amarante 

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