Never be ashamed of a scar


Never be ashamed of a scar

The one that has the most scar’s wins the game that life offers us. ~ Paul Reichert 

Wear it proud. It’s your badge of bravery. All of my scars come with epic stories. I love them. ~ Jocelyn Nokes 

Think of scars as beautiful because it means you survived; if you don’t survive you don’t scar. ~ Rochelle Slover 

Don’t spend so much time focusing on the old scars that you are afraid to go out and get new ones. ~ Todd Hokett 

God brought you through it by His strength and was kind enough to not remove the reminder. When you pass through the fire, you won’t be consumed, for I, your God, will be there with you. ~ Allen Puy 

Scars prove that we are life-fighters, not those who are giving up easy, so we should be proud of them. ~ Dijana Haseljic 

Invisible scars are worse than visible. ~ Patricia Magic 

It’s the scars of the mind that takes longer to overcome. ~ Sandra Milton 

I wear my 5 inch scar on my neck proudly. It reminds me I survived cancer. Though some people are ignorant and ask me if I was attacked. ~ Jennifer Armijo 

Good thing I’m not ashamed of scars or I would never get out of bed. You know my motto, “If I haven’t got hurt I haven’t had a good time.” ~ Nancy Stone 

I always tell my kids about my many surgery scars. I am proud of those scars, that I have battle wounds from the wars I have won. ~ Sara Anderson 

I have a scar that I got 23 years ago and it has a story behind it. It goes from my eyebrow into my head. I still have problems to this day. I was in a car accident that’s all I remember. I don’t care how or what happened. I am just thankful that I am alive. ~ Rebecca Coy 

I’m having a big scar. Reminds me how strong am I to have passed my operation. ~ Liza Tacandong 

I can proudly say that about my scar after my surgery to take out the cancer. It did not kill me but made me stronger. ~ Judy Dunbar

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