Never let loneliness drive you back


Never let loneliness drive you back

Better to be alone than with someone and be alone.

Let go of the wrong person to make room for the right one.

The people in your past just may be there (in your past) for a reason. Could be that’s where they belong. ~ Linda Radtke 

Shut that door, keep your back to the door and step forward. Don’t look back and reopen past. ~ Nancy Bortz  

Live with your goals and you will find someone who is of equal to you. ~ Consuelo Almonte 

Don’t go backwards. Keep moving forward. There is always something better to look forward to.

Depression does not come from being alone, but being alone with ones that you don’t belong with. ~ Madonna Grogan 

When you have no love for them any more and you knew they never loved you because if they did they would never put hands on you when you didn’t do nothing wrong. ~ Heidi Gallovich 

Learn to love yourself enough to be perfectly happy when you’re alone. If you’re not good company for yourself, you can’t be good company for anyone else. It is only when you get to the point that having someone in your life is just the icing on the cake of your life, and not the cake itself, that you can find the right person to share your cake/life with. You provide the cake, they provide the icing. ~ Pamela Robinson 

All the lonely people where do they all belong? If you like yourself then you are never alone. Needy people suck the joy out of happy people then spit the joy out because they don’t like the taste. 

Learn to live with you before you live with someone else. That is not loneliness. God has given you this alone time to work on you and to strengthen your relationship with him. Once you do that, God will send the one for you your way. ~ Ortra Bryant 

I have gone back to him several times but never again. I think more of myself than that finally. ~ Vanette Everett

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