No matter where Life takes you


No matter where life takes you

Everyone we meet are in a different stage of development or decay. The minds of the world are either growing in awareness and reason or slipping deeper into deception. The problem is we are seeing them from our limited perceptions as well. Is it their mind which is off track or is it mine? The truth is no matter where we look majority of the people’s thinking will be different enough from ours that we will be required to employ compassion and celebrate the differences and hope to learn new wisdom from our observations. When we step away from the comparisons and begin to employ these great guiding principles mentioned here into our lives, we will slowly begin the process of becoming and hopefully in the wake of our changes influences a few others along the way so they to may develop “strength of character, integrity, and a sense of self-worth.” ~ Troy

Material possessions are nothing but attributes. Your character is who you are as a person. We all come from different walks of life and experience various stages at different times. You have to dig deep into your inner self and figure out who you are as a person that brings about change, growth, develops, self worth etc. Life is about uplifting and inspiring people. ~ Sandratra Kerr

We must also remember to treat each other with a level of respect no matter our racial, political, religion, or financial status. I have met beautiful rich people and poor people alike. There are always some that walk around with the air of entitlement. Remember today you are “here” but tomorrow you can be “there. ” Be kinder people and give value to your life. ~ Diane Vega

I have no idea why so many “small minded individuals” even care what another has or doesn’t have, as far as possessions, live your life the way you want to, you may not want to work as hard or as many hours as another person does, or you may want a larger family size, or you may want to spend your hard earned cash in a way that others see as excessive. What is wrong with this world any ways? Live your own life and stop worrying about such small minded people. ~ Patricia Accattato

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