People that are meant to be together


People that are meant to be together

No matter how many times people try to break us up, we will always find each other. ~ Cassie Nyati 

Soul mates gravitate towards each other. Time, distance and circumstances notwithstanding. If you’re destined for one another, it will come to pass regardless because destiny decrees it so. Call it the whims of fate. ~ Margaret Young 

We were teenagers and dated several months then went our separate ways. After 52 years we found each other again on facebook. It’s been over two wonderful years now and we look forward to many, more years together. It is absolutely meant to be. Thank you love, for finding me. ~ Mary Nichols 

We met briefly at a party, lived in different states, 3 years later we were in the same elevator and exchanged numbers. Four months after we were married, it’s been 23 wonderful years. ~ Peggy Romero

I have had a few long term relationships but I always felt I was missing something so I would move on. My Mama used to ask me if I felt as if I had wasted that time and how I could move on so easily. I would tell her “NO, if it had been the right one I wouldn’t have broken it off – all relationships teach you something”. When I was 34 when I saw my husband for the first time – it was love at first sight. Something about him made me feel complete (it’s been 15 years now). The right one will come along, probably when you least expect it. ~ Julie Bloodworth 

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