People that hate you will look for everything that’s wrong with you


People that hate you will look for everything that's wrong with you

The problem is to know the people that love you and people that hate you.

People that are jealous of you will find everything bad about you & try to destroy everything good about you. ~ Kathy Sanchez 

If we choose to look for the good in someone, we see it, and if we choose to look for the bad in someone, that is what we will see. ~ Robert McCafferty 

All good, all bad, love & hate. What does it all matter? At the end of the day, all one can truly strive and hope for is a balanced perspective of people based on fair and sound judgment. No more, no less. ~ Laurel Rodriguez 

People that hate themselves will hate you without even knowing that the hate starts within themselves for themselves. Really sad and hurtful for all of those around them. ~ Chantal Donkers 

Those who judge us without a fair shake have way too much junk in their own backyard they need to work on cleaning up. ~ Kimberly Patton 

Sometimes you need to look at both because sometimes those that hate you will see the truth while those that love you will cover up your faults. ~ Brian Jenkins 

To look always at the good and not at the bad. If a man has ten good qualities and one bad one, look at the ten and forget the one. And if a man has ten bad qualities and one good one, to look at the one and forget the ten. ~  Abdu’l-Baha

True caring friends will tell you what’s wrong with you or about you and if you take that negatively and personally offended then nothing is getting worked on to fix it. That is what I called constructive criticisms and they help you overcome those weaknesses because they care enough to point them out to you and still work closely with you. ~ Norma Powell 

When something is wrong with a person you don’t have to look it manifests itself through different ways. The mature folks love in spite of what is known or seen and help that person to identify and correct for growth. Helping them to turn their “mess into a message”. ~ Sarah Zeno 

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