Someone who comes out & says they don’t like me


Someone who comes out & says they don't like me

Let us not do unto others what we don’t want others do unto us.

What people say or think about you is none of your business. Treat them with smiles and warmness – it drives the crazier than they are already. 

What comes around goes around. Be careful what you do and say it comes right back to you. So done with fake people. Don’t pretend you like me just because its the right thing to do. Rather know where people stand. ~ Peg DePhillips 

Don’t pretend to be my friend just to let me see that you are really a snake. ~ Lillie Rutledge 

Just because I don’t like a person does not give me an excuse to be rude. I don’t think I’m being fake if I’m being cordial if they are in my presence. Would I hang our with that person or call that person on the phone no. But I could never be rude. If I happen to be at a gathering with a small group and that person happens to be there I would not anything to make everyone else uncomfortable of course I would say hello to the person and that hello would be genuine I might not care for a person’s personality but I don’t hate there is nothing wrong with hello. ~ Tracey Robinson 

I would not have these people around me, they remind me of negative energy vampires, once you let them in they take all your energy and it took me weeks to get my energy back again. Now I keep them away from me. ~ Deborah Jane 

The most unexpected & undeserved is from so called family, but when they do they no longer have the right to be considered as family. ~ Nancy Fallah 

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