Sometimes a Good Heart doesn’t see the bad


Sometimes a Good Heart doesn't see the bad

Some people don’t care how much they hurt other people.

That’s the unfairness of life. You concentrate so much on the good that you don’t see the bad coming. ~ Anne Mwangi 

I once asked the guru, Amrit Desai, why does my heart keep getting broken?” He said, “Our hearts are made to be broken. We learn compassion that way”. ~ Wendy Bennett 

Sometimes it takes a good heart to identify with the bad so that we can move on and say we don’t desire to have a cold heart and hurt people so bad that nothing can take back the words of hatred. Just forgive and stay away from the fire. ~ Deborah Whitman 

Sometimes God puts you in their path, for you may be the only God that they may ever see to expose apostasy, deceit, and unrighteousness by bringing them the light, the truth, and guiding them to a better life. God gives us all purposes, it is up to us to accept and be used by God. He never said the cause of Jesus Christ would be easy, but that it would be worth it. Our Savior Jesus Christ never shirked his responsibility of saving a sinful world even though he was rebuked, reviled, persecuted, betrayed, and crucified, he found forgiveness in His heart even to the point of death on the cross. ~ Myrna Johnson 

The challenge will now be to go into a friendship cautiously and with eyes wide open. Looking for signs out of alignment with what God wants for my life. ~ Gwyn Betz 

It is what a good heart does and then forgives. It is nothing wrong with us. Must be something wrong with them. They are the ones really blind. 

We are always surrounded by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sometimes we are completely taken by surprise. It is wise to always take the high road and move on, forgive yourself and the ones who hurt you. Your life will be better for doing this. ~ Joni Chintala 

I’d rather have a kind,warm and open heart than a cold and closed one. The risk is invaluable. The point is to forgive ourselves every time we make such a mistake for we are only humans. ~ Anita Haywood 

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