Sometimes I’m not angry, I’m hurt


Sometimes I'm not angry, I'm hurt

Being angry passes, being hurt lasts much longer.

Anger can be controlled but getting hurt is like something drilling a hole inside your chest and keeps the pain inside. Hollowed space that needs to be filled up. ~ Mild Izzah 

As you get older though, your ability to endure pain and sadness gets stronger. You will try your hardest to think rationally because of previous experiences you had in life. Emotional, psychological and physical pain will always be a part of life. How you deal with it and how you cope will depend on how strong you are inside. Pain and hurt will never leave you, just learn to live with it and as the saying goes “Time will help to heal the wounds”. Give it time, just live each day as it comes. ~ Maria Barker 

Anger can be managed and contained but hurt cannot be controlled as it is not self inflicted. Both are counter productive to one’s inner peace and happiness. Being angry can work out any inner aggression but being hurt is to suffer in silence. Tears of anger and hurt each have their very own story to relate but with a difference. Work at the anger and deal with the hurt feelings. ~ Margaret Young 

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