Sometimes it’s not the pain that makes you suffer


Sometimes it's not the pain that makes you suffer

Sometimes it’s not only ones negativity that makes us suffer it’s the continuous pain that we holding from deep within our hearts & scared of letting go. ~ Amanda Tripney 
I’m so guilty of this. I beat myself up to the point of being non functional at times. It’s ridiculous, but a vicious cycle, nonetheless. ~ Audrey Cooper 
Negative thoughts makes you also inspired to do something good. If there is no negative it means no positive too. Life is came from negative then to be positive. Life must go on. At first if it is negative don’t be worried about that. God is at the end, that means positive is always at the end. ~ Benson Nnylehchor 
If every time you turn around something adverse or bad happens and the good and positive events are fewer and fewer staying positive is difficult and if your in physical and emotional pain you do get jaded and negative. ~ Michael Colpitts 

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