Sometimes people won’t understand how you feel


Sometimes people won't understand how you feel

When in doubt about how someone is feeling, a hug never fails. Sometimes that’s all a person needs. Just knowing that just one person cares can be the best medicine. ~ Dean Nordberg 

We all have problems in life maybe in different ways or situation, but if you have an open mind you will understand what other people are going through. If you can’t relate them better you shut up and say no words. ~ Ella Garzon 

Worked with an Autistic child. I was not Autistic but found myself in a situation that needed me to touch him with understanding of where he was and how we, together, could get past this time of pain. Prayer, grace and love made it possible for the two of us to understand each other even though we did not speak the same language, by that I mean, he had no words and in turn, I had no knowledge of what would work. It was the most glorious moment when we connected. First the crying stopped. Then his eyes looked up. Then we began to eat the colored pieces of paper fruit that he treasured together. I would pick a piece up from the floor and say, ” um, a pear, I love pears, I think I shall taste it.” With that he stopped crying. I said, would you like to taste it too, it is very good?” By the time we has gathered all of his fruit off of the floor, pretending to taste it, we were both laughing. Him in his way, and I with a heart filled to the brim and overflowing. Gods love does work miracles and it touches not none but spreads just like butter on a hot piece of toast. ~ Linda Hardman 

It’s a shame how judgemental and gossip spreading people are. We should take a moment and think before we speak. Words hurt and are very powerful. We can’t take back what we say. So we need to choose our words wisely and try to be a better listeners than speakers. ~ Anna Garcia 

Since our experiences are original to us, they will never be the same for another. I try to walk softly on this earth because I never know where another is standing and how their day is going. ~ Linda Hardman 

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