Sometimes the change hurts


Sometimes we need to be forced to see the truth and how we accept and handle it, determines on how we are going to succeed.

Change is not always for the best. Change happens for a reason. Sometimes it is because of stubbornness or lack of ability to stick things through , or even stupidity. ~ Kim Nine 

It hurts when we don’t want the change to happen. When we don’t want to know the reason behind simply because we cannot let go. When letting go is the hardest thing to do. Being so afraid of what is on the other side of the road. It is difficult to walk alone to the unknown. No matter how much people assure you that something greater awaits you. To let go is not as easy as it may sound especially letting go of the person you dreamed to be with for a lifetime, but when you open your heart and mind, you will then realize that there would be no lifetime to begin dreaming of. When lifetime was not offered to you in the first place, letting go may hurt so much but it will be a relief too. ~ Chie Paras 

Don’t you ever regret knowing someone in your life, good people will give you happiness, bad people will give you experience, while the worst people will give you a lesson and the best people will always give you memories. ~ unknown


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