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Sometimes you find the wrong person at the right time


Sometimes you find the wrong person at the right time

If you find the right person at the wrong time and are just trying to forget them because you got your confidence back then they weren’t the right person. It’s during the hard times that the right person will let themselves be seen or heard. If he cares he will at least make a attempt to see you. He will let you know that he is not going anywhere. He will also let you know that he doesn’t mind waiting. If he is the right person in your eyes then you have to have a little faith that things will work out. If it’s meant to be sometimes you have to let it go and if it comes back to you then you know he was the right one. When you do find the right person forget the situation and just focus on them. ~ Jeffrey Boone 

You must become the “right” person first then you will attract other like people. it all starts with “self”.

I met the right person at the wrong time. We parted then along came the wrong person at the right time. We parted. Now, finally, with great thanks to God, the right person is back in my life and I am blessed. Have faith and be patient. ~ Judye Parent 

If they are the right person at the wrong time, don’t take second best just because you think they will never come back around. If they really are the one, they will always find a way back into your life. ~ Gracie Casey

Right person any time is the right person. Time has no meaning. Love supersedes all, it’s just a matter of believing what you really know inside, in spite of what you’ve been taught from the outside. Sometimes fire is meant to be walked through and wounds made to find and keep your place near the one you have waited for. Pleasure is the child of pain and hope, it’s lifeblood. ~ Carlos Carion 

If it is true love, it will find a way. You will know it and sometimes you must walk through fire and endure the pain in order to have a lifetime of feeling the joy of one you truly love. ~ Suzanne Steeley 

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