Sometimes you have to die a little inside in order to be reborn


Sometimes you have to die a little inside in order to be reborn

Everyone has that strength to stand up again and rebuild themselves. It’s just a matter of time and sometimes we need those supportive kind of people and neglect the ones who would put us down. Life is always with its ups and downs. It only stops at certain point that we all know it, it’s death. Just be optimistic and cheer up! Good things will always come your way when you throw the negative thoughts behind your back. ~ Nadir Grada 

My death was called divorce. Never thought I could rise over that one. I now am in charge of a major social group in Warsaw that I only created a short time ago. My Facebook friends will know when I post my new Facebook women’s page shortly. I have many good friends in Warsaw both men and ladies, who I can call upon if I want to talk or have a ‘ladies evening’. My career in Warsaw is very promising: it is a total change of type of industry, as well as a total change of continent, on my own, for the first time in my life, even without my teenage daughters. Even if now I am in charge of the Inter Nations Singles group, I am very hesitant to spend time ‘dating’ one person, when I already have so many social commitments. I can honestly say I am “enjoying” life and re-discovering myself. There really is life after divorce, or any other life event which you personally feel you cannot recover. Pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and keep going. The outcomes depend on you. ~ Celeste Melton 

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