Sometimes you have to lose who you were


Sometimes you have to lose who you were

I was lost a few years ago. Running around in circles, back and fourth. Had to make a few changes with my life style and just like that. Little by little, I feel revived, never been happier! ~ Iannelli Cerda 

I got in a car accident that caused me minor brain damage and I spent a few months in bed unable to handle the light or even watch the flicker of the tv without it causing me a giant headache. I couldn’t work, couldn’t remember what I’d done 5 minutes ago, and had anxiety attacks multiple times a day and it changed me. I was focused on my career more than my family and then when I got hurt, the world and my job kept spinning on but my family was there still needing me, still loving me. I also learned to appreciate the little things like lounging in the sun or reading a great book and taught me to appreciate what I have. I live with pain and sometimes my brain malfunctions in the most frustrating ways, but as crazy as it sounds. I’m a much happier person! ~ Sarah Stevens 

A little over a year ago, I was a very lost person. I had very bad anxiety and depression from living in a very toxic relationship. Maybe some day I can do my story without my name as I look to encourage others who may be in the same situation as I was. It took a lot to find myself once again but I can finally say that I am now the person I was always meant to be. ~ Heather Blackier 

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